Sunday, October 16, 2005

Boobtaculare Products!

Check out all these cool boobalisuse products! There are products like Boob earmuffs, bra cup and a boob bell!

My favorites the boob cup, Go check these SEXAY products!

Quick link: knitted violence

I found this link and I though it was worth sharing with you guys. This guy knitted abunch of characters that were in the movie land of the dead and placed them to make them look like they were fighting eachother. He did a great job at so go check it out! mmmmmm brains...

I know its a sort post but thats why its called "QUICK links".

Friday, October 14, 2005

Weird Product: Pez mp3 Payer!

The Pez mp3 player is here! I gotta say who ever came up with this idea is genius!

The Pez Mp3 player is well a mp3 player shaped like a pez dispenser. At first glance this just looks like a normal pez dispenser but if you look closely You'll notice a Button weal similar to the one on the ipod. The only grip I have with the pez mp3 player is that it doesn't dispense candy! That is understandable though because if it did dispense candy there would be no room for the actual MPH player hardware.

This product holds 512 megs and costs 99 dollars, So all in all this is a very stylish and affordable mp3 player. I'd much rather have this stylish mp3 player then say a Ipod shuffle or ipod nano.

You can check out the official website here


Do you think flash puppets were uncool? Well so did I until today!

The basic premise of muglets is creating a flash puppet of yourself. You upload you're picture (in GIF jpg or png) and outline the face Then your picture will be put on the body of a cowboy suger moma or a disco Freak. It's only in BETA so there's only three "Muglets" to choose from so far. But soon there will be a warrior princess and a fitness freak for you to play with!

Once your face is on the character you can make it dance! Sounds fun, eh? Well it is so go check it out and have fun.

Heres the link!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Haunted Memories!

This guy took a bunch of old famous paintings and photographs and turned them into completely freaky pictures! And he did an incredible job to boot.

You can even buy prints of his work! There a little pricey for me though.

Check it out

Crazy Man Found

A man reported missing by a Florida hospital was found on Thursday. When they found the man he was dressed up like a doctor and driving a stolen ambulance with a dead deer inside.

Leon Holliman,JR was reported missing from a river region human services facility last month. I think that mean he escaped from the insane asylum.

"I don't know how the man got it up in there," said Sgt. Robert Pearson. "It was a six point buck."

It wasn't known where Holliman got the deer, which had been dead for some time, Pearson said.

Just your run of the mill story of a crazy man playing doctor

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

China And Its Strange Fetishes

China is going to spend 666 000$ on gps to spy on panda sex! Why you ask? I guess china has just got a thing for pandas humping.

"Tracking them with advanced technology and observing their sex activities might help us find ways to avoid their extinction," Wei Fuwen, from the China Academy of Sciences' Institute of Zoology, was quoted as saying. Yah right china we all know its because of you'r weird fetish.

"Giant pandas are inaccessible for long periods of time and traditional observation cannot unravel the ecological mystery of the animals."

Oh boy! I cant wait for some one too hack into the gps and create a live panda sex fetish site!

Monday, September 26, 2005

The V-Mine

Its yet another anti-rape condom!

The V-mine is a anti-rape condom that hooks on to the rapers penis and then EXPLODES! Imaginine if the girl doesnt get out in time! OUCH!!!

"A condom with fish hooks is nothing compared to what we can deliver, We can blow the train right out of the tunnel so to speak"

I will defeat google!

Well I bought a couple of web servers a office and a domain name and now I'm ready to go up against google!

Threw months of hard work iv launched the Weird And Crazy search engine! Much much better then google well because its weird and crazy! Go check it out and stop using google! Its time to over through there evil empire!

Check it out


Saturday, September 24, 2005

Break In Work Out

A man has been prosecuted for breaking into some ones house. Not to steal something but to work out!

The man was found doing pushups while listening to loud music in the president of fijis house! Why you ask? We will never know.

"The first lady heard noise and went to investigate. Once inside the room she noticed tuinamasi doing press-ups while the music was on really loud." Police prosecutor suruj kumar told the court,according to a report on the fijilive.con web site.

Weird And Crazy on flickr

I know iv been lacking in the news lately. So I set up a flickr account for Weird And Crazy! At the Weird And Crazy flcikr account I will post every picture on featured in a picture gallery or news story here at Weird And Crazy! Sounds good eh?

check it out here

Friday, September 23, 2005

Making Fiends

I know its been a slow week for updates, But I'm going to start updating daily again! here's a flash series I thought you guys might enjoy.

Making Fiends is little strange (just the way I like my flash) . It has a very unique and weird look. Well enjoy.

More updates coming very soon!